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Fairy Tale Wishes

Where dreams do come true

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This is a community for anyone who feels like they don't belong anywhere. All I ask is that you answer a few questions and post them:
The questions
1)Your name:
2)Your age:
4)5 favorite bands:
5)3 favorite movies:
6)What do you like to do in your free time:

1)Absolutely NO racial comments will be tolerated.
2)Must be active in the community.
3)We don't mind if you post pictures of yourselves cuz we know you're beautiful, but no offensive pictures(i.e.nudity, explicit)
4)No slurs or comments about sexuality, this community is for open-minded people.
Break any of the rules, and you will be banned. No questions asked.

BTW:Please type the word "Satu" somewhere in your first entry so I know you have accepted our rules. Feel free to post anything you like in here such as funny short stories, pictures, poems, song lyrics, or anything of a non-offensive nature.
This community is owned by:


3rd strike, adema, aerosmith, affection, alcohol, alex corvis, alternative rock, anime, anti flag, astrology, astronomy, benji, billy idol, biting, black, black lights, black zodiac, blood, body modification, bondage, brandon lee, bsdm, ccs, chains, cherries, cloaks, cold, concerts, cuddling, dark thoughts, deadly sins, death poetry, dragons, eric draven, eyeliner, fallen angels, fire, freddy krueger, fuel, full moon, fur, fushigi yuugi, galaxies, gir, glitter, glowstix, godsmack, gogo dancers, gore, gothic art, gothic literature, guitars, h.i.m., handcuffs, happy noodle boy, heavy metal, hugs, ice, incubus, invader zim, jack off jill, jackass, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kissing, kittie, kmfdm, knives, lacuna coil, less than jake, licking, lollipop porn, loud music, love, lucky 13, manga, massages, mest, metal, moon, movies, mudvayne, murderdolls, music, mutilations, neon colors, night, nightmare on elm street, pain, pain., pentacle, piercings, pink, poetry, pointy objects, polyamorous, powerman 5000, punk, purple, pussy cat dolls, pussy cats, pussyfoot, rancid, razor blades, rock, romanticism, safety pins, saliva, sex pistols, short stories, silence, silver, singing, skirts, slipknot, smile empty soul, sparkles, spider, spikes, squee, sr-71, stars, strobe lights, sully, swing dancing, taproot, tattoos, teasing, the crow, the distillers, the starting line, the transplants, unicorns, urban legends, valo, vampire hunter d bloodlust, vampyres, vampyrism, wicca, witch-craft, writing, zodiac.