laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in fairytalewishes,

All the wicked people.

they come to steal my happiness,they have come to take my life,
running from daily suicide,i dont really think the people have soul.
trust not your neighbors,trust not your friends,
because when it comes down to it,no one cares if there close to you,
they will fuck you over and run like the wind,ode to love lost.
chaos caused by shit talk,people love to run there mouths.
living in this day and age,nothing matters and nothing stays.
you have to run from closeness to humans,they betray,betray,and betray.
the love lost is nothing compared to the damage to the heart.
no one cares when your lying on the floor bleeding,waiting to just give up.
thats their reason,thats there ploy.
these people are comming for your soul,they are comming for your pain.
to steal your days away make you live at night.
these wicked people dont care if your dead,as long as they got life.
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