laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in fairytalewishes,

"art is war fight fight"

~think slow..~

before you feel,
take the time to understand just what you feel,
think slow,count to ten
counting to ten wont help but it wont hurt,
seldomly go with those rushed feelings,
the lust takes shape in shame,the dirty feeling dont ever go away
all around the block,ive been there
two times the charm,yeah your indebted to the slut
talk your self up,you will fall fast enough
i dont feel now,its been awhile since i even bled
dont let yourself go,soon enough you will be gone
gone forever like my soul and its purpose,
your skin cant be burned off,your lies can be seen through
think slow,she always has holes
repress the filth,she will always have woe,
create destruction through self harm,she likes the pain
its grown on her now,forever
and now she thinks slow,so slow in fact
she dont notice anything anymore,shes lost
behind a image that just dont seem to fit her,
yeah she thinks slowly,yeah she fucks slowly
so slowly she dont feel the in and the out,
close to penetration,she dont feel
yeah no matter how slow you think,some times you mess up so bad
nothing erases the feeling,the lack of the feeling
now she slams the drink down her throat and dreams of better days
days that just dont seem to exist,
close by,her soul lingers in tripping to life
life she lacks,supporting the thoughts she has
she remembers only to keep her eye on the sunshine and clouds,
the stars and the moon,they come to life at night
in the night she finds herself most alone,
and less scared of the light,calmly looking behind
she realizes she dont think so slowly,she dont think or feel at all.


walking along the forest of lies,
she sheds all tears she holds inside,
nothing but agony holds her in this moment,
she lost color,she lost soul
death was a wish she had,but now she just wants serenity
life hands her a pit of sadness,
she holds her head above the emptiness,
life was meant to be lived,
when she closes her eyes,sometimes she sees herself grow cold,
then she warms herself,with the fire she was born with
cheating the trails of the point,
the point being,there is no point
walking along the forest of lies,
she sheds all tears she holds inside,
nothing but agony holds her in this moment,
she walks past the end,shes burning a hidden passion.


spoken through out of time,
a voice so calming,we all just bow to listen,
words echo,a spite is born,
then evil chooses to turn the other way,
bearing its soul to wicked unknown,
spoken through out of time,
a voice so comforting,we all just sleep to the quiet,
words echo,heard and lived by,
we choose the path that suits us,
while angels or believers follow,
great destroyers cower and learn to be a slave to evil,
no power needed,no will power,
just a lost and sold soul,
spoken through out of time,
a voice so calming,we all bow to listen,
words echo,a spite is born.
~What i feel for you.~
{ok so this is totally corny but i feel this poem right now,dont laugh to loud i might hear you.......}

falling face first,run to my room
your coming over,i got to put my face on,fast
reading into every single syllable you pronounce,
i forget how to talk,when you say i should party with you
yeah party with you,as i linger your words in my head
i cant live off your words i wanna see you
i wanna chill with you on cloud nine,so high up,i dont care
you got mad skill,you dont even know you have,
you know what im saying?
yeah well lets call you my newest fantasy,closets close,i want to open you up
day dreams in my bathtub,i dream of us making out
so high school i know,but baby you ever felt lust?
i wanna hold in my breath when your around,just to see how much you notice
toss away the blunt ill make you high
so high you cant even reply,yeah blow you sky high
patience has never worked for me,open wide
i got a mouth of love,a heart of lust longing love
forget your addiction,i am dying for you to get inside
the world aint a happy place with out you here inside
cuz i wanna chill with you while drinking myself away
twist on words you got repeating
long i long for the way you hide what your saying
sweet sweet lust,im wishing and hoping and just waiting for you...
what i feel for you~
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