Casey (kayndiegurlie) wrote in fairytalewishes,

*cricket cricket*

I remember.
I remember the pillow on my face
Trying NOT to breathe
Attempting to end
Failing to end
The knife on my wrist
The blood flowing
Trying to de
Failing to die
The belt on my neck
Skin squeezing over the sides
Airways closing
All is black
Is this sweet death?
Not today.
Why do i feel so strongly?
The tender age of ten
Normal people are laughing.
I can not
My head under water
Struggling against concsiousness
Willing myself dead
A hand in my hair
Gasping for air
White sheets
Padded walls
Nightmares pour in
Good feeling out
Clawing the door
Sharp pain in my neck
Blackness again
Is this...
The end?
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