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[02 Jul 2005|07:55pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

1)Your name: Monika

2)Your age: 14

3)Birthday: 6th February

4)5 favorite bands: Evanescence, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Dispatch, Gamma Ray

5)3 favorite movies: I don't have one

6)What do you like to do in your free time: write poetry, songs or stories, sing, draw manga, martial arts, listen to music, day-dream

Hi, I joined this community because... a lot of the time I get fed up with this world -_-

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*cricket cricket* [19 May 2005|09:20pm]

I remember.
I remember the pillow on my face
Trying NOT to breathe
Attempting to end
Failing to end
The knife on my wrist
The blood flowing
Trying to de
Failing to die
The belt on my neck
Skin squeezing over the sides
Airways closing
All is black
Is this sweet death?
Not today.
Why do i feel so strongly?
The tender age of ten
Normal people are laughing.
I can not
My head under water
Struggling against concsiousness
Willing myself dead
A hand in my hair
Gasping for air
White sheets
Padded walls
Nightmares pour in
Good feeling out
Clawing the door
Sharp pain in my neck
Blackness again
Is this...
The end?
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[13 May 2005|05:24pm]

ACK THERES A GIANT HAMSTER CHASING MY CHEESE FOR ALL OF ITS CHEESY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this hamster shall not have my cheese and all of its cheesy goodness for i shall bring out my instant just add water transportalator and i shall transportalate this giant hamster away from my cheese and all of its cheesy goodness. then after i have safely tucked in the cheese with all of its cheesy goodness i will turn out the lights and let it sleep then i shall pull out another instant just add water transportalator and transportalate myself to where the hamster is and i shall pull out my giant just add water giant hamster killing sword and i shall slay the giant hamster that has plagued this country for decades stealing cheeses and all of their cheesy goodness.after i slay him i will go back and wake up my cheese and get him ready to go to cheese school where he can learn all about how to be a good cheese and decide if he wants to grow up to be a cheddar or some other type of cheese that will benifit this societty. and then te great cheese caper comes along and i must pull out my instant just add water cheese woman suit and fight off this evil cheese caper before he can steal the towns cheese for what good is a town if it has no cheese?

stay tuned to find out what happens next in chapter 2
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[13 May 2005|05:14pm]

I TOTALLY SHOT THE WINDOQW OUT OF A CAR WITH A BB GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING HILARIOUS! also i accidentally scaped the skin off of the back of my hand on my CELING! and i joind the boner cult wich is quite fun cuz i get to hug a bung of really hot guys all the time YES
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All the wicked people. [09 May 2005|01:03am]

they come to steal my happiness,they have come to take my life,
running from daily suicide,i dont really think the people have soul.
trust not your neighbors,trust not your friends,
because when it comes down to it,no one cares if there close to you,
they will fuck you over and run like the wind,ode to love lost.
chaos caused by shit talk,people love to run there mouths.
living in this day and age,nothing matters and nothing stays.
you have to run from closeness to humans,they betray,betray,and betray.
the love lost is nothing compared to the damage to the heart.
no one cares when your lying on the floor bleeding,waiting to just give up.
thats their reason,thats there ploy.
these people are comming for your soul,they are comming for your pain.
to steal your days away make you live at night.
these wicked people dont care if your dead,as long as they got life.
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Poetry paused. [05 May 2005|02:22am]

three words to different times,
underlined feelings don't always have a reference,
a poem does not always get written with thought,
more natural to a girl,thoughts that flow poetically,
only numbly subjecting,her to the minds reaction to her inner thoughts,
clamming up,calmly she stops this before it goes anywhere,
and says sorry it made no sense.
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my friend shiloh inspired this poem... [03 May 2005|12:01am]

~the cold walk,to today~
could she paste words to her eye lashes faster?
bending herself to broken wombs,she is calling any lover to her side,
cheating herself of seldom real fire love,
that passion grew she walked past the dream,
thinking she was below it,how sad she is inside settling for second best,
i smiled when she smiled,i feel so connected at the start,
tomorrow tells me she will fret upon dilated problems,
today was enough till she had to go home,
she sings me her words,i am her filler,
does she speak to me in dreams,that i seem to forget?
because i miss her when her shadow dances in the corner alone,
speaking that same old tone,skin stretches,for her to feel nothing,
numb mimics of unholy sadness,i cant stand behind her much longer,
for i have passed her shivering wishes,
i am no longer a fire inside someone,
wilted and faded these girls dont match her inner beauty,
the chosen words on her tongue,trigger feelings of old lust,
who was i in love with her drug mind?
because im forgetting why she is my souls mate,
these questions lurking under my surface,are not important,
walking among the hunted,i remember why i hate man,
man will never fault himself,he will never admit to his errors,
he has a mask of betrayal,and pained love,
over come by hatred,i wont be like the man,
i admit my wishes are out of reach,i dont judge color fetus's
i am not a judge i do not decide fate,today i walk above her words,
just sitting softly curled in realizing she makes me soar,sometimes.
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[30 Apr 2005|03:19pm]

1)Your name:Amanda
2)Your age:14
3)Birthday:june 24 1990
4)5 favorite bands:otep, atreyu, mudvane, warrent, poison
5)3 favorite movies:the vampire effect, underworld,the butterfly effect,witchcraft (all of them), black magic
6)What do you like to do in your free time:nothin i have no life to do anything
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random thoughts [29 Apr 2005|03:03pm]

[ mood | inquizitive ]

here are some random thoughts.
1. what if the coincidence that God spelled backwards is dog is a subliminal message that he is indeed a canine?
2. what if god doesnt really love us but he pushes us around like pawns just to see what we will do just for his own entertainment/
3. does that wash and curl shampoo really work?
4. do people who speak other languages think in the language that they speak?
5. are people really your friends because they like you or do they just feel sorry for you or are they using you to make themselves feel better?

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"art is war fight fight" [28 Apr 2005|01:37am]

~think slow..~

before you feel,
take the time to understand just what you feel,
think slow,count to ten
counting to ten wont help but it wont hurt,
seldomly go with those rushed feelings,
the lust takes shape in shame,the dirty feeling dont ever go away
all around the block,ive been there
two times the charm,yeah your indebted to the slut
talk your self up,you will fall fast enough
i dont feel now,its been awhile since i even bled
dont let yourself go,soon enough you will be gone
gone forever like my soul and its purpose,
your skin cant be burned off,your lies can be seen through
think slow,she always has holes
repress the filth,she will always have woe,
create destruction through self harm,she likes the pain
its grown on her now,forever
and now she thinks slow,so slow in fact
she dont notice anything anymore,shes lost
behind a image that just dont seem to fit her,
yeah she thinks slowly,yeah she fucks slowly
so slowly she dont feel the in and the out,
close to penetration,she dont feel
yeah no matter how slow you think,some times you mess up so bad
nothing erases the feeling,the lack of the feeling
now she slams the drink down her throat and dreams of better days
days that just dont seem to exist,
close by,her soul lingers in tripping to life
life she lacks,supporting the thoughts she has
she remembers only to keep her eye on the sunshine and clouds,
the stars and the moon,they come to life at night
in the night she finds herself most alone,
and less scared of the light,calmly looking behind
she realizes she dont think so slowly,she dont think or feel at all.

more:read if your boredCollapse )
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~Satu~ [24 Apr 2005|01:18am]

1)Your name:laura
2)Your age:22
4)5 favorite bands:otep,ani difranco,seether,dark lotus,and bjork
5)3 favorite movies:strangeland,gia,and lost and delerious
6)What do you like to do in your free time:i like to write poetry sometimes short stories,i like to listen to music,walk in the woods,bird watch,play with my 3 year old brother,i think thats about all...oh and i have a habit of cutting for fun...

here is some of my writing...if you hate it im sorry ahead of time...

Wisdom of freedom,does anyone feel free?
Teasing and undeveloped,watch her grow.
Faking the answer,do you call the place you sleep home?
Deviant playing in riddles,naive talk of charity.
Malice is slow in development,shelter me please?
Corrupt the children,so no place is safe.
Call upon your god,watch as he laughs
Taking him for granted is not going to get you anywhere.
Seek more than your gratification,find more than that.
Talk among the poor,talk among the rich
Find out what true happiness is,
Much wiser on your mission,to find love.
Though sometimes people are made to be miserable.
Feigning substance,i see them try to fill them selves with knowledge.
Visit my mind,ill let you get inside.
Become the animal,crawl on all fours.
Succumb to the pain,live out your life in vain.
Rhyme your Rhymes,and rhyme nicely.
Thoughts are meant to be deciphered,fuck you.

some more random writingsCollapse )
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[17 Apr 2005|04:25pm]

[ mood | shhhhh.. im a painting! ]

1)Your name:::: Casey pronounced KC
2)Your age:::: 14 will be 15 in june
3)Birthday:::: June 13
4)5 favorite bands:::: queen, nirvana, pink floyd, barenaked ladies, korn
5)3 favorite movies:::: what dreams may come, donnie darko, alice in wonderland
6)What do you like to do in your free time:::: online stuff, knit, sew, embroider, talk, draw, paint, sing, make jewlery

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Below Zero [28 Dec 2004|03:28pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Ahhh...sweet sweet confusion. How I know thee so well. Old friend, stranger. Cataclysmic thoughts of self destruction. I've regained a steady rock on which I used to lean. Careful not to become dependant again. Careful now. But I smile so sweetly at the thought of something I held dear now being within my grasp again. I take it for granted. I'll try to heal that reluctant mistake. My flaws. So many. Allies hold the beating stick ready to knock some sence into me. I hold the shimmering blade ready to cut relief into myself. If I cant get it on my own I will force it into myself. I continue to shuffle lightly in discomfort. I know that no immediate action is neccesary- yet it is always on my mind. I know as well that something must be done. Vague spirals of ideas whirl through my head...abandoning me as quickly as they came. Leaving my forsaken mind crying out for an answer...crying out. Until I no longer know who is hurting me anymore. Is it them, or is it me? Am I just hurting myself? I seek to self destruct once more...the ticking time bomb counting down and I can count on nothing. I wonder how long I can last..until it becomes almost a game in my head. I become suspicious of people betting behind my back "how long can she last? Lets push her once more..." as they poke and prod me towards the edge in their hopes of winning their riches...forgetting that they use me as a middle-man. Forgetting I have an energy coursing throughout me..the light inside my spirit that is life. The very same light that fuels their own selfish advances fuels my tired melancholic movements. I grow to weak to even defend myself. I grow so weak that I work WITH them against myself. What a traitor I've become. An apathetic betrayal to myself. I've abandoned myself just the way they have, have I not? Yet it feels so good...the familiar pain...counting down so quickly from whole numbers...to decimals...to dead zero. And then just when I take for granted that there are no numbers left to disgard...nothingness disintegrates into negative numbers...losing things I was unaware of...below zero. Below zero Into infinity...I remember now how they tell me it never ends. And I'm the only one that can stop it...but I sit unmoving and pray for it to stop itself. An impossibility..and I pray for a miracle. And the godess Laughs in my face as I cut out my tears once more and they mix with my crying eyes and the rain that my life's become melting everything away, below zero, untill nothing is left and still more is thrown into this abyssal nightmare. I have nothing, but there's always something to lose. And when there is nothing but the pain...the pain becomes familiar. the only part of the real world that I have left to hold onto. And I wonder which is better: to hold onto the pain? Or to let go and fall below zero?


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[19 Dec 2004|11:35pm]

[ mood | weird ]

1)Your name:Katy
2)Your age:16
3)Birthday: September 29, 1988
4)5 favorite bands: Marilyn Manson, APC, Placebo, David Bowie, and Depeche Mode. (many more)
5)3 favorite movies: The Crow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and LABYRINTH
6)What do you like to do in your free time: read, write stories and poetry, sing, practice my violin, bass and guitar, and drawing.
There is so much about me, but I dont wanna type it. If ya wanna know anything, feel free to ask.

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New here. [05 Sep 2004|01:41am]

[ mood | busy ]


1)Your name: Laura
2)Your age: 19
3)Birthday: 6-17-85
4)5 favorite bands: Radiohead, The Used, The Cure, The Cruxshadows, Anything by Danny Elfman, and Anything classical...
5)3 favorite movies: The Last Unicorn, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Labyrinth
6)What do you like to do in your free time: Music, write poetry, cook, practice my violin, gaming, watch anime, etc etc.. =)

meCollapse )

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[17 Aug 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

1)Your name: Crystal (Cry)
2)Your age: 16
3)Birthday: 04/03/88
4)5 favorite bands: Evanescence, Linkin Park, A Static Lullaby, Kittie, Atreyu, Three days Grace, Dido, Avril Lavigne, Bone Thugs, Martina McBride, Aqua, Spice Girls (hell yea guys i love them idc)
5)3 favorite movies: Kissing Jessica Stein, My Boss's Daughter, Bad Boys, house of 1000 corps's, bless the child, white oleander,Peter Pan, The whole nine yards, the whole ten yards...etc.
6)What do you like to do in your free time: i like to join these communities.. post and read others posts and comment.. it feels like everyone else in my life seems to be gone now..either dead or just... gone.. it feels better having places to talk about things and be myself and meet people. but i also like to sing, dance, act, drink, party, be with my friends, or my girlfriend Angel, work with my girl Crystal, take the city bus's all day and sing on them (me and Crystal actually do it..its so much fun.. you all should try it!), go to carnivals and beaches, malls, dye my hair whatever color i feel like at the time, do peoples make up, etc...


i cant write more now.... im being yelled at to get off but ill be back soon.



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[13 Jul 2004|03:42pm]

[ mood | bored ]

bored here are some pictures of moi.

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[07 Jul 2004|03:11pm]

Hey I just wanted to let you know, I changed my account name from __xunlovedx__ to this.

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[05 Jul 2004|09:59pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

EW!!!! It's me! lol.. Boinky doink!. Im kinda hyper.. listening to HIM! Valo.... *drools*.. Megan! I love you! lol.. giggles.. laters all!

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Look at this pretty background! [03 Jul 2004|07:29pm]

[ mood | content ]

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